About us

Groothandel Carton is specialized in complementary feeding stuffs and skin care products for dairy farming. After many years of representation and experience in dairy farming and trading, we  started the firm Carton. From our agricultural training, broad network and passion for the sector we started developing our own product line.

We choose vitamins and minerals that are suitable for a particular application or support the clinical picture. By preventive administration of our products, the use of antibiotic can be reduced.
Our innovative products are developed with natural ingredients. The advance: the resistance of your dairy cattle will increase.

In the current stock is much more data available than before. The monitoring of this data allows us to signal potential problems earlier and to intervene just in time. From the correct analysis of data we choose the most suitable application and solution.

Livestock farming is a very specific world that develop very rapidly. We monitor these developments closely so that we can deliver the best product for every situation. It gives us satisfaction when we provide a solution and give advice which helps you.

Our team of professionals offers you, as a dairy farmer, the possibility for an investment in the long turn.
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